Donami making headway in Liberia

Former U.S. Olympian and Dallas Sidekicks pro soccer star Doc Lawson is working to restore hope to the children of his homeland in Liberia, West Africa, and impact the next generation of Liberian children.

Over the past few months, Lawson and his foundation, Donami, have partnered with the government/YMCA of Liberia, Metro Dallas YMCAs, and Y-USA World Service to build a youth sports infrastructure in Liberia. The children are responding enthusiastically to preliminary events. It is DonamiSport’s vision that by 2030, every child in Liberia will have access to organized soccer.

Donami is making headway. The organization is protecting safe spaces for kids to play in, providing clean drinking water, and kicking juvenile delinquency with its soccer programs. The organization enrolled 6,000 children last spring and is targeting 6,000 additional children this Fall. Your tax-deductible contribution and support is priceless in the effort to continue to great strides already made. Donami's goal is to raise $12,000 by December 15th. The organization has already raised $4,000. Please help keep Donami in the game, and thank you of any amount you are able to give. for giving.


To help Doc Lawson, Donami, and Dallas Metro Y get 12,000 kids off the streets and into safe spaces in Liberia this fall with organized soccer, please donate at and click Liberia Soccer from the menu.