Make up date announced for 97-98 Boys and Girls ODP tryouts

A make up session for the previously rained out '97 and '98 Boys and Girls ODP open tryouts will be held on Sunday, September 22, in Arlington. The make up session will be held from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at 3210 W. Pioneer Parkway in Arlington.

The following includes reminders about the ODP tryouts and information about the tryout process.

* PLEASE try to arrive at least 30 minutes early to all tryouts to warm up before the sessions begin
* PLEASE check-in attendance at each tryout date when you arrive
* PLEASE remember to wear black shorts, white socks, cleats (please no metal cleats), shin guards and a plain white t-shirt until you receive your ODP tryout t-shirt. Players will wear the tryout t-shirt they receive at their first tryout session to all remaining tryout sessions
* PLEASE remember to bring your soccer ball (inflated with player's name & phone number in permanent marker), water, and any other necessary soccer gear
* PLEASE always remember! To ensure a PURE soccer experience, NEVER wear or bring any club or team affiliated apparel or soccer gear to ODP. Club or team logoed apparel and soccer gear is forbidden at ODP activities (this includes backpacks, jackets, etc)
* PLEASE: Players always leave valuables locked in the car out of sight. NTSSA is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items during ODP events

The Tryout Process:
* For the 1998, & 1997 birth years, the tryouts will be over two days, comprising of 2 x 2-hour sessions
* Cost is a one-time fee which covers attendance at both tryout dates regardless of whether players attend one or both tryout dates. It is possible players may have conflicting commitments, and may not be able to participate in both tryout sessions. As a result, it is NOT mandatory to attend all tryout dates. However, players are HIGHLY encouraged to attend as many of the dates as possible to ensure the best possible evaluation(s) for acceptance to ODP. Players should attend the dates in which they are available whenever possible. The coaches will evaluate the players during the sessions in which they do participate
* Within 5-10 business days after the last tryout session, each player will receive a letter of notification via email notifying them about the outcome of the tryouts.  Please ensure that your contact information is accurate when you complete your registration. If you have not received an email after 10 business days, please email me, Shawn Morgan, NTSSA ODP Administrator. The letter may have gone to a spam folder. I will re-email the letter. Tryouts results will NOT be given over the phone