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2020 Recertifcation & Registration Information

If your badge says 2019 – you will need to recertify for 2020.

We recommend that you do this well before the initial deadline – Dec 31, 2019. The office closes for a holiday break. Seems like more and more leagues are starting in January. If you want your registration to go smoothly and get your badge on or before Jan 1, 2020 – get recertified well before Dec 31,2019.

Referees 17 and older – SAFE SPORT

If you are 17 or older, you will need to complete the mandatory requirement – SafeSport training. This is a state and national mandatory requirement. For more information and complete INSTRUCTIONS go here

Everyone, make sure you read the descriptions of the course before you register for one. All courses are clear on who they are for.

GR9 Referees –

If you have had a great first season(s),  we would like for you to upgrade to the next level – GR8. In order to do this, you would have to attend a GR8 Entry level clinic. These clinics start in January 2020. This is your decision. You can recertify as a GR9 and get another year of experience at this level. It’s your choice.

To upgrade – attend a clinic after the first of the year. Clinics will begin to post late November. There will be approximately 60 of these clinics offered all over the DFW Metroplex in January – February.

To Recertify – click on the course  - 2020 GR9 Recertification/exam

GR8 Referees –

Those of you who are age 13 – 15(16), select a course that says – 2020 GR8 Recert/Registration – GR8 Referees – ages 13 -15(16)

Those of you who are 16 or older, you have the option to recertify as a GR8 or directly as a GR7 Referee. Simply click on a course that says GR7 Online Upgrade (2020 Registration) GR8 – 16 years old

All GR8’s that are 17 or older, you must sign up for a course that clearly states – 17 or older.

  • If you recetify as a GR8 and you are 17 and older, select the course that clearly states – 2020 GR8 Recert/Registration +  Safesport GR8 Referees – 17 and older.
  • If you decide to upgrade to a GR7 (select GR 7 online Upgrade (2020 Registration) GR8 Referees – 17 and older)

GR7 Referees – (NOT 7D)

You should all be 17 or older if you are recertifying.

You have one option – 2020 GR7 Recert + SAFE SPORT – GR7 Referees 17 and older


GR7 D – Distinguished

If you met all your requirements – attended the 5 hour clinic, passed the fitness test and passed your match assessments or you maintained your 7D requirements from the year before.

Please recertify/register for this course that clearly says – 2020 GR7D Distinguished Recert


STATE Referees –

Only one option for you

2020 State Referee Exam


State/National Emeritus Referees –

Only one option for you

2020 State/National Emeritus Recert

Upon completion of registering and meeting all requirements associated with the course – your badge will be mailed to you from the State Office. Be sure your address in Game Officials is complete and correct.