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How to Become a Referee in North Texas


The North Texas Referee Program welcomes over 2500 new referees each year. We serve the game in over 100 local associations from Lubbock to Lake Highland, Amarillo to Arlington, Cedar Hill to Corsicana – chances are YOU live close to a soccer association.


Typically, new referees work for their local association.


Once you have done this, you can read the instructions above to HOW TO GET STARTED




  1. Requirement – you must be 13 or older
  2. Sign up for a GRASSROOTS COURSE (takes approximately 4-5 hours to complete. The first part of this course is done online (in the comfort of your home)Please complete this course within a 5 day (or less) period of time once you sign up. There will be a deadline when the course will closed. Once it is closed, you will not have access to it.
  3. Once you complete your grassroots online portion of the course, you will automatically be enrolled in the GRASSROOTS FIELD SESSION. This second part of the course is done IN PERSON. This session will be 3.5 hours.

Note: you must complete your grassroots online course a minimum of 48 hours before your grassroots session is scheduled to start.  If you haven’t completed your grassroots online training 48 hours prior to the start of the field session, you will be removed from the field session. We will need everyone to have completed the training so they can focus on field training information.


Understand, that the Grassroots Referee course is a two-step process: GRASSROOTS COURSE (done online) GRASSROOTS FIELD SESSION – done in person at a specific venue. You must complete BOTH in order to be registered as a 2021 USSF Referee


To find a clinic in your area go here

Click on New Member Registration
Once you complete the requested information
Click on – FIND CLINICS In the drop down menu
Click on – Entry – Never been a USSF Referee before

Find one close to your location – Click on the word - Register
(note, there will be approximately 60 of these clinics. If you only see 5, 10, 20 that means more will be posted. Keep checking every few days.

Referees who did not recertfy for 2020 and would like to work the 2020 Fall season.

You will need to sign up for GRASSROOTS ENTRY LEVEL Clinic.


First, make sure you have created a new login for Official Management Systems (OMS)

2021 Registration and training will be done here NOT Game Officials

  1. Update your personal information as soon as possible
  2. Your username is your primary email address used to register initially
  3. Your password is your LAST NAME in all CAPS. It is recommended you change your password when you first log in.
  4. All officials must have a unique email address. For those 17 and under, officials must provide a personal email address AND a parent’s email address so parents can be copied on all email.


  1. Do I sign up for any Grassroots course or a specific one?
    1. Sign up for one in your area OR one that fits your schedule. Note, there will be approximately 60 courses to choose from. We add new ones weekly. By the middle of August, ALL courses should be loaded into OMS for you to see which one will work best for you. Clinics will run every Saturday starting July 18 – August 29.
  2. Do I have to sign up for a Grassroots field session in my area?
    1. The Grassroots Field session will automatically link to the Grassroots ONLINE clinic. They go together.
  3. How do I know I’m certified for 2021?
    1. You will receive your USSF (United States Soccer Federation) badge at the end of your field session. The office staff will send your information to the National Office once you complete the entire Grassroots Referee clinic.
  4. How will I get games?
    1. An email will go out to everyone that completes the field session – information of whom to contact to get games. Your name and other contact information will go into the North Texas data base.
    2. Your contact information will be accessible to local assignors.
    3. At the field session, you will receive some additional information. 
  5. The class is full, and my friend didn’t get signed up for the field session.
    1. Most Grassroots clinics will be limited to 30 attendees.
    2. There will be approximately 60 Grassroots clinics offered between the middle of July and the end of August. Please find one that has an opening.
  6. What if I have questions regarding the process once I register?
    1. All contact information will be listed with ALL Grassroots Referee courses & field sessions.

                                                               i.      The instructors for the field sessions will be communicated in plenty of time to all. Every possible questions that one can have will be addressed to ALL future refereeslocation, what to bring, what to expect, anything you need to know to have a successful field session.

  1. Do I need my referee uniform for the field session?
    1. No, you won’t need it for the field session. Your clinic instructor will send you uniform information in an initial email.
    2. You will be required to bring items to the field session. That will be communicated to all in the class ahead of time.


POLICY on not-completed Grassroot courses (online) or no-shows to Grassroots field sessions

If you don’t complete the online portion prior to the 48 hour deadline, you will be removed from that clinic. The reason being is instructors need to communicate important information to everyone PRIOR to the field session.

If space is available in another clinic, you can be transferred to another clinic.


If for some reason you do not show up to the field session and you fail to notify the instructor in advance, you will not receive a partial refund.


What happens if something comes up and I can no longer attend? No worries. Just give the instructor a courtesy heads up in plenty of time so that the seat doesn’t go empty.

  1. Something came up and I can no longer attend the field session I signed up. Can I switch?
    1. With proper advanced notice, yes, you can switch. Take care of this no later than 96 hours prior to the start of the clinic.