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North Texas Referee Program is proud to recognize all the upgrades in the 2017 year

National Referee
Kaili Terry

State Grade 5
Jorge Luna | Todd Wallace

State Grade 6
Dylan Buckner | Emre Davranoglu | Jordan Hall | Ricardo Hevia | Lorenzo Hernandez | Cory Mann | Olvin Oliva
Hans Soland | Mason Stringer | 
Matthew White | Britton Woolsey | William Ibrahim

GR 7D – Distinguished
Stephen Barteleme | Sergei Brajnik | Josh Ell | Skylar Kempe | Grayson Kulin | Gloria Martinez | 
Andy Sumrow

Congratulations to these referees. Keep on doing great things on and off the field.

NTX State Referee Committee

How to become a referee 

There are two options for someone to get started in refereeing.
Option #1 – Grade 9 Referee – minimum age 12. This level of a referee will work games that are Under 4-8. Small sided games of 4v4. These games have only one referee. This is the perfect place for the 12-year-old and some 13/14 year-olds to start with refereeing. The Grade 9 Referee clinic is 5.5 hours on site.
Option #2 – Grade 8 Referee – minimum age 13. This level of a referee can work up to Under-16 games as either a referee or an assistant referee. The age level of game one will work will depend on the referees age. The Grade 8 Entry level clinic includes an online session that is critical to their success as a new referee. The online portion is done prior to the date of the classroom session. The classroom session is eight hours.
Decide which option will be best for you or your child and then find a clinic that works with your schedule. If you are a parent registering your child, please put in the correct name. You can view a complete listing of clinics when you click on referee clinics. Clinics are offered from January – March and the end of July – beginning of September.