Referee Forms


Form Name Description Modified
Assessor Day Request Form Submit 3 weeks prior to first requested date (DOC) 10/19/2017
Waiver & Release of Liability Form (DOC) 4/3/2018
Fitness Test Equipment Loan Process (PDF) 7/19/2019
Referee Clinic Request Form (Grade 8,9 & Bridge 8) Online Form 3/2/2009
Report Codes for Cautionable and Sending-off Offenses (PDF) 6/20/2018
U.S. Soccer Referee Report (PDF) 6/20/2018
U.S. Soccer Supplemental Referee Report (PDF) 6/20/2018
Referee Expense Form (XLS) 9/10/2021
Referee Policy Manual (PDF) 8/23/2020
Referee Travel Allowance Program (PDF) 6/7/2021
Referee Stipend Request (XLS) 1/3/2020
Referee Travel Allowance Request Form (DOC) 1/3/2020
Referee Injury Claim Form English (PDF) 12/18/2017
Referee Injury Claim Form Spanish (PDF) 12/18/2017
USSF Fourth Official Game Log (DOC) 5/9/2008
State Referee Application (XLS) 11/5/2012
W9 (PDF) 1/6/2016