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Referee Clinics

List of Clinic Types Available

Grade 9 Recreational Referee Clinic
Grade 9 Referee – minimum age 12. This level of a referee will work games that are Under 4-8. Small sided games of 4v4. These games have only one referee. This is the perfect place for the 12-year-old and some 13/14 year-olds to start with refereeing. The Grade 9 Referee clinic is 5.5 hours on site where they will learn the basic information of the “how to’s” of refereeing.

Grade 8 Basic Referee Clinic
Grade 8 Referee – minimum age 13. This level of a referee can work up to Under-16 games as either a referee or an assistant referee. The age level of game one will work will depend on the referees age. The Grade 8 Entry level clinic includes an online session that is critical to their success as a new referee. The online portion is done prior to the date of the classroom session. The classroom session is eight hours. This clinic will provide information on all Laws of the Game.

Grade 8 Recertification 
Recertify and register for 2018. Log into GameOfficials, click on courses, click on referee, click on the appropriate course. Complete all steps to register, pay the registration fee, take the exam. 2018 badges will be mailed to you from USSF in Chicago. Allow 4-8 weeks for your badge to arrive. Please make sure your contact info in your profile is current so your badge goes to the correct address.

All available clinics may be viewed by accessing the GameOfficials website. Select "Sign up for Course" and then the appropriate clinic link to see all the requested and approved clinics in North Texas.

Contact for assistance with log-in or establishing a first-time account with gameofficials.