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Thousands Recertify for 2021


The North Texas Soccer Referee Program is off to a great start for 2021. Thousands of referees have recertified for 2021 in our new registration – Officials Management Systems (OMS).


Fort Worth Youth Soccer hosted one of the first tournaments of the new year during the weekend of January 8-10. The younger-age tournament brought out 98 awesome referees in some pretty cold temperatures. Pictured are 3 outstanding officials who represent the three different levels of the U.S. Soccer Referee Program:

  • Jacob Cohen (Grassroots Referee) - primarily works in the North Richland Hills and Benbrook area
  • Gloria Martinez (Regional Referee) - works all over the state and outside of the state representing North Texas in many top-level tournaments in the country.
  • Tiffany Turpin (National AR) - travels the country working many professional games and was assigned to the 2020 National Women’s Soccer League Final held in Utah.

All three of these referees have a goal to reach the next level of officiating.


The North Texas Soccer Referee Program is strong because we have many wonderful referees who are willing and able to give back to and support our newest referees. They are mentors and set awesome examples of solid performance at every level they work.


Keep giving the game your best and have an outstanding 2021!

North Texas State Referee Committee