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How to Become a Referee in North Texas


The North Texas Referee Program welcomes over 2,500 new referees each year. We serve the game in over 100 member associations from Lubbock to Lake Highlands, Amarillo to Arlington, Cedar Hill to Corsicana, – chances are, you live close to a soccer association.

Typically, new referees work for their local association.


** U.S. Soccer (USSF) Age Requirement:  You must be 13 or to become a referee.

In order to become a USSF Grassroots Referee, you must complete several steps.

  1. Create your free referee profile in Officials Management Systems (OMS), the system we use to manage our Referee Program.
  2. Register to complete the Grassroots Online Lessons. There are 21 online lessons, including the Grassroots Referee exam. You must complete all online lessons before you may select an in-person clinic to attend. It will take approximately 3.5 – 4.5 hours to complete all of the online lessons. On the Find Clinics page, in the dropdown menu, select “Entry – Never been a USSF Referee before. In the line for the “Grassroots Referee Online Lessons” that includes Ann Hicks as the Contact Person, click on “Register” on the right side of the line. Follow instructions from that point. Once you register and pay appropriate fees, you will have immediate access to the Online Lessons.
  3. Select an in-person clinic to attend. Once you have completed all of the online lessons, you will see the note, “ONLINE LESSONS COMPLETED” in green font near the top of the list of online lessons. At that point, you may select an in-person clinic to attend. The in-person clinic is a 3.5-hour session conducted on a soccer field. During the clinic, you will receive information including who you will work for, how to be assigned to work games, where to purchase uniforms, etc. In order to become a referee, you must complete all online lessons and participate in an entire in-person clinic.



There are two online lessons that will be completed in U.S. Soccer’s Learning Center (USSLC); the Intro to Safety lesson and the SafeSport lesson. When you begin the Intro to Safety lesson, OMS will direct you into the USSLC. You may create your free referee profile in the USSLC in order to access the lessons. Ensure that the information in your profiles in OMS and in the USSLC is exactly the same in order to allow the two systems to communicate efficiently. Please review the US Soccer Learning Center Help Document to learn more about navigating the USSLC. Reviewing this information will eliminate confusion and mistakes.

Most clinics will be limited to 30 seats with a few exceptions. Once a clinic is full, then it is full. No exceptions can or will be made.

The best way to ensure that you get a seat in an in-person clinic that is to get your online work done in a timely manner.

Before you select the in-person clinic; check and double check your personal calendar to ensure you are available to attend the clinic.


  1. I don’t see a clinic in my area, what should I do?
  • We begin scheduling clinics in early July; clinics will be held during the months of July – November. We will continue to add clinics to our schedule through the end of August. Most big cities in the DFW area (Arlington, Plano, Frisco, Lewisville, Denton, Keller and many others) will host a clinic. There will be approximately 60 clinics offered. If you want to be a referee – sign up. If you do not see a clinic that will be held in your area, you may check the list of scheduled clinics again in a few days to see if new clinics have been scheduled.


  1. What happens if you can no longer attend the in-person clinic?
  • Not to worry, things happen.  You must notify us via email prior to the day of the clinic that you cannot attend. We charge a $5.00 fee, payable by credit card only, to transfer from one clinic into another clinic. In the event that you need to change your in-person clinic, send an email to North Texas Soccer at . In that email, please include your name as it appears in your profile in OMS, the name, date, and time of the clinic you are registered to attend, and the name, date, and time of the clinic you would like to transfer into. In addition, include your phone number in the email; we will call you to obtain credit card information.


  1. What happens if I get locked out of the lessons?
  • You must complete the online lessons in order. Both OMS and the USSLC are sensitive to browser history and cookies. If you are unable to access the lessons in OMS, please sign out of OMS, clear all browser history and cookies, then close your browser. Open a new browser page and sign into OMS to continue the lessons. If this process does not work, send an email to .


  1. What happens if I have completed all of the online lessons but OMS does not recognize the completions?
  • This happens for one of several reasons:
  1. You did not complete the required Intro to Safety lesson and/or the SafeSport lesson in the USSLC. Review the status of the lessons in the USSLC to ensure that both lessons have been completed.
  2. Your profiles in the USSLC and in OMS do not include exactly the same information. Review your personal information in both profiles and update where needed to ensure the same information is included in both profiles.
  • You set up more than one profile in the USSLC and completed the lessons in the profile that is not linked to your profile in OMS. Send an email to to explain the situation; we will assist.


  1. What happens if I have issues with U.S. Soccer’s Learning Center (USSLC)?
  • If you create a profile in the USSLC that includes profile information that is different than the information in your profile in OMS, you will get locked out. Enter the same information in both profiles to avoid this.
  1. I have read the directions and I still am having issues, who can I contact?


  1. Are you sure you can’t add one more seat into a clinic?
  • Once a clinic is full, it’s full. Most clinics have limits of 30 students. The best way to ensure getting a clinic that is best for you or your child is to complete the online lessons and exam as soon as possible.


  1. Failure to show up at the clinic, what will happen?
  • If you fail to show up for the in-person clinic without providing advance notice as detailed in #2 above then you will not receive a refund of the clinic fee. You will be able to attend another clinic once you pay to attend another clinic. The reason for this policy is that clinics in the DFW metroplex fill up. We have a limit on seats per clinic. We do not want any empty seats.


  1. How do I know that I am certified?
  • At the end of the in-person clinic, you will receive your 2022 badge. This badge will allow you to officiate during the 2021 Fall season and the entire 2022 calendar year.


  1. When will I get game assignments? Who will work for?
  • AWESOME questions! The instructor in charge of your in-person clinic will share this information with you.


  1. Where do I get my uniform? 
  • All information regarding uniforms will be shared with you by the Instructor in charge of your in person clinic.