Our Purpose


Why we do this....

The Ken Smith Memorial Scramble is intended to provide the necessary resources to fully fund a Scholarship program for soccer referees. The available funds for scholarships are in direct proportion to the success of the scramble. Although soccer players generally have scholarship opportunities from colleges, playing associations and clubs, this is one of the few opportunities specifically intended for the distribution of scholarships to the soccer official.

The first four scrambles were not only a great success, they were fun events for all involved. Many of those participating went home with a fantastic prize. You may enjoy viewing some of the fun these players had in previous events on the accompanying photo gallery pages.

Although the previous events have been very successful, we are receiving many more requests for assistance than there are funds available. It is with this in mind that we are asking for your help to ensure the success of future scrambles, resulting in the enhanced success of the scholarship program.

A little history....

The first event in 2006 showed that we could 'do it' but needed to get some experience and organization. There were 58 golfers, 8 sponsors and an hour storm delay after nine holes.

In 2007, thunderstorms rolled through most of the night and into the early morning. Just after we rescheduled the event for two weeks later, the rain cleared and those of us still standing around, went ahead and played some golf. The rescheduled event saw 64 players participate.

2008 was the year we finally began to get most of the details right. Although we suffered another rain delay of half an hour before the start, it was a very successful event for us.

2009 was by far our best event to date with 124 golfers and 27 sponsors. The $3000 in scholarships presented as a result, was 50% more than the previous three years' scholarship awards combined.

The hope is that our future events will continue to grow at a simular rate so that we will be allowed to present even more substantial scholarships.

How you can help....

There are a number of ways you can help:

playing in the scramble can be the most exciting way to help
- no, you don’t need a single digit handicap to have a great time or win one of our great prizes

olunteering the day of the scramble is great fun for those that choose not to play

making a direct cash donation

becoming a sponsor
making a donation for the raffle and/or auction

or helping us find individuals and/or businesses for any of the above.



Who is eligible....

The scholarships are available to anyone meeting these requirements:

the parent or applicant must be a registered USSF or TASO soccer official

the applicant must be a high school senior or currently enrolled as a college student

the application must be completed and submitted by the requested date

How to apply....

Information about the scholarship is available here: