ODP Hotline: 214-297-5022

ODP Hotline Times: After 5:30 pm Monday – Friday, Anytime Saturday & Sunday

ODP Hotline Extensions:
 ‘98 Boys & Girls 1 11
 ‘99 Boys & Girls 2 12
 ‘00 Boys & Girls 3 13
 ‘01 Boys & Girls 4 14
 ‘02 Boys & Girls 5 15
 ‘03/04 Boys & Girls 6 16
 ‘05 Boys & Girls 7 17

Always check the hotline prior to leaving for training to ensure no schedule changes or cancellations have occurred. Although every attempt is made to adhere to the schedule, the schedule is subject to adjustments/changes pending weather conditions and/or field, coaching, player availability. The parks and recreation departments control cancellations, not our office. Our inclement weather policy can be found at http://www.ntxsoccer.org/players/inclement%20weather.aspx. Always contact your Volunteer Parent Team Administrator by email if you will be unable to attend a training or ODP event.

Chairman, ODP: Dave Luckey
Director of Coaching & Player Development: Gary Williamson
ODP Administrator: Shawn Morgan

WTX Area Admin:
Lori Rhodes
’98 BODP Admin: Robert Mackey
Co-Admin: Lisa Means
’98 GODP Admin:
Paul DeFrain
Co-Admin: Christi Heady
’99 BODP Admin: Frederick Reynolds
Co- Admin: Glenn & Elaine Secor
’99 GODP Admin: Graciela (Grace) Souto
’00 BODP Admin: Laura Adams
’00 GODP Admin: Linda Calderon
’01 BODP Admin: Kathryn Lewis
Co-Admin: Azmeena Shabout
Co-Admin: Jeana Franklin
’01 GODP Lead Admin:
Cassandra Mizirl
Co-Admin: Susan Richards
’02 BODP Lead Admin: 
Brenda Dube
’02 GODP Lead Admin:
  Bobbie Worsham
Co-Admin:  Sheri Marshall
’03/04 BODP Lead Admin:
Leigh Ann Leal
Hannee Peeler
Co-Admin:  Doris Reutinger
'03/'04 GODP Lead Admin:
Pam Wehrman
Co-Admin:  Katie Brakemeier

Last Updated: February 2015