Frequently Asked Questions:

When are Tryouts and ODP Pool Registration?
* 2013/2014 Open Tryouts for the Boys and Girls '97 - '01 pools will be held on Sunday, August 4, and Sunday, August 11, at McInnish Fields in
     Carrollton, TX.
   * 2013/2014 Open Tryouts for the Boys and Girls '02 - '03 pools will be held on Sunday, August 18, Sunday, August 25, and Sunday, September 8 in
     Arlington, TX.
   * ODP players will receive an email annually with the registration link to the ODP Player Pool from the NTSSA ODP Administrator, Shawn Morgan ODP Player Pool registration begins in September of each year the player participates in ODP.

How is player eligibility determined?
Eligibility for ODP is determined by the player’s birth date, not their soccer year (i.e. a child born in 1997 is a ’97 in ODP). 2013/2014 is the first year we have added a new 2003 pool to ODP. A child born in 2003 is now eligible to participate in ODP. A child born in 2004 or younger is not eligible to try out for the 2013/2014 seasons. Players born in 1996 or older are considered to be “aged out”. Therefore, they are no longer eligible to participate in ODP.

* A release is not necessary from the player’s Club team to participate in ODP.

What is the cost for Tryouts?
Cost for tryouts is a one-time fee of $50 for ’01 – ’97 boys & girls; cost is $75 for ’02 & ‘03 boys & girls. Last year, cost for Pool was $125 per season ($250 total for the year). Fees are subject to change from one year to the next. Cost is TBD for 2013/2014.

What is the cost for the ODP Player Pool? 
The 2013-2014 Pool Fee is $300 for the entire year. Players may pay in full at the time of registration in September, or they may select to pay in 3 easy payments. If the payment schedule is selected, payments will be automatically charged once a month to the credit/debit card used during registration until the fee is paid in full.

*Selected teams will be formed to attend one camp in the summer. All Pool Fees must be paid in full in order to participate in ODP, and to be eligible for selection to camp and/or other ODP events. More information about the camps becomes available after the selection process late spring.

Is there any type of financial aid or fundraising available?
There are a limited number of scholarships available for Region III Alabama Camp fees only. MOST are PARTIAL scholarships. Scholarships are given on a financial need only basis. Application forms are available through the North Texas Office at camp time only.

My child cannot make it to one of the tryout dates, may run late, or may need to leave early. Is this okay?
My child cannot make it to one of the tryout dates, may run late, or may need to leave early. Is this okay?
We encourage players to attend all tryout sessions available if possible, but their Club/Rec team takes priority over ODP. It is better for a player to arrive late, than not at all. Players may leave early if necessary. The more exposure they can get to the coaches during the tryouts process, the better.

Open tryouts take place annually. Tryouts are announced in The Pitch. We highly recommend interested participants who missed Open Tryouts to subscribe to The Pitch. It is a monthly newsletter from NTSSA provided free of charge. You can register for The Pitch at Or, you can keep an eye on the Events Calendar for tryouts information as it becomes available. If nothing is posted, tryouts dates/schedules are pending field availability, and not yet available.

How many players will be selected to ODP from Open Tryouts?
There is not a specified number (no min/max) of players accepted to the Player Pools. Pool Players will be selected based on evaluation of performance and ability, in addition to attitude and behavior during tryouts. Players are evaluated by multiple coaches for ODP selection. EVERY player in attendance has the same opportunity to be selected to ODP as the player standing next to them. It is truly up to each individual player as to whether, or not, they will be accepted to the program.

How will my child know if he/she has been selected for ODP from Open Tryouts?
All participants of ODP Open Tryouts will receive a “Letter of Notification” at the end of tryouts notifying them of whether, or not, they have been selected to ODP via the email addresses in the player’s GotSoccer profile. As a result, it is crucial the GotSoccer profile is up-to-date, and accurate, at all times.

Once a player makes the ODP program, what is the time commitment?
Players selected to ODP, will be invited every fall to register in the Player Pool and train with their age/gender group. We schedule 10 2-hour training sessions per year on Sundays; 5 in the fall, 5 in the spring. We, like all others, are subject to cancellations due to inclement weather and/or tournaments receiving priority over our field reservations. Make-up trainings due to unforeseen cancellations are subject to field availability. Five trainings per season are not guaranteed due to possible field cancellations beyond our control. The parks and recreation department controls the cancellations, not our office.
*Players are required to attend a minimum of 4 (40%) of trainings per year for active participation to be eligible for camp selection.

Do we travel to tournaments?
Selected teams will only travel when attending camp in the summer or Sub-Regional Friendly Competitions we receive invites to attend.
   * Occasionally, NTX ODP is invited to travel and compete in “Friendlies” with other State ODP Programs (i.e. North Carolina, Cal-South, South Texas,
     Oklahoma, etc.). Sub-Regional Friendly Competitions are attended by teams consisting of selected players.
   * NTX ODP hosts a Sub-Regional Friendly Competition at the end of the spring season (date to be determined) that, if selected, players will compete
     against available teams from Region III (i.e. OK, LA, MS, etc.).
   * ’02 Girls selected to attend Developmental Camp in Norman, OK will be invited to attend the Sub-Regional Competition.
   * ’02 Boys selected to attend Developmental Camp in Clarksville, AR will be invited to attend the Sub-Regional Competition.
   * ’97 – ’01 Boys and Girls selected to attend Region III camps in Alabama will be invited to attend the Sub-Regional Competition.

** There are NO negative consequences to any ODP player for declining an invitation to ANY ODP event, including summer camp, except for the Player Pool. If a player opts out of the Player Pool, they must undergo tryouts the following year to be readmitted to the program.

** Our office handles ALL travel arrangements for players when traveling to out of the area ODP events which require travel by air (i.e. North Carolina, Cal-South, etc.), or bus (i.e. Region III Alabama Camp).

How many games will we play?
ODP is different from the “regular soccer” players and parents are used to. It is a developmental program. This means players receive a training schedule, not a game schedule. The only time players compete in games is if they are selected, and register, to participate in Regional Friendlies NTX ODP participates, or summer camp.

Are the players assigned to a team, or teams, based upon their skill level?
ODP players belong to a Player Pool, not a team. The only time teams are formed is if we travel to friendlies during the year, and during Region III camps in the summer. Players are selected for friendlies based on “good standing” status and ranking in their Player Pool, in addition to player availability, by their head coach according to their ranking in the pool from the training session evaluations in which they attended. Players are selected to camp based on “good standing” status and ranking in their Player Pool.

Does ODP take into account the players' team schedule when scheduling the training sessions?
We do our best to schedule with as few conflicts as possible for the majority of the Player Pools. However, with the multiple leagues/soccer programs in North Texas, and limited field availability in DFW, this is not always possible. Should a player find themselves in jeopardy of losing their “good standing” status due to conflicts, please contact NTSSA ODP Administrator, Shawn Morgan, to discuss alternative options.

Where are trainings held?
Trainings are scheduled in the DFW Metro area. The location depends on field availability.

How do we know if a practice has been changed or cancelled?
To view the ODP inclement weather policy, please go to the following link:

When is Camp?
Oklahoma State Soccer Association hosts the Girls Developmental camp that is held on the campus of the University of Oklahoma in Norman. Selected players will travel by bus to and from camp. They will be housed in the university dormitories. Date: in June TBA

Arkansas State Soccer Association hosts the Boys Developmental camp that is held on the campus of the University of the Ozarks in Clarksville. Selected players will travel by bus to and from camp. They will be housed in the university dormitories. Date: in June TBA
After their first year in ODP, selected pool players attend Region III Camp in Alabama. They may travel by bus or plane depending on transportation costs. The boys attend in Tuscaloosa; the girls attend in Montevallo. Once they attend camp in Alabama, they are re-evaluated during camp in the same way our tryouts are conducted for possible selection to the Region III team or National team. All accommodations regarding travel, food, and lodging for camp is made by NTSSA, and cost is covered by the camp fee.

The camp fee schedule for last year was as follows:
   * '01 Girls Developmental Camp in Norman, OK was $650
   * '01 Boys Developmental Camp in Clarksville, AR was $600
   * ’00 Girls in Montevallo, AL was $850
   * ’96 – ’99 (’00) Boys and Girls in Alabama was $880

** Camp fees are subject to change from one year to the next depending on the cost of transportation to camp and Region III camp fees. Region III Camp Date: June - July TBA

What if my child is not selected to attend camp in the summer? Does he/she have to go through tryouts again?
Once a player makes the ODP Player Pool, they will be invited to continue in the Fall & Spring of the following year. As long as players remain in “good standing” by maintaining a current registration, their payments, and continuing their participation in their pool, they will continue to be invited back year after year without being subject to further tryouts.

Who do we contact if we have questions?
Please contact your Team Administrator. Team Administrators are volunteer parents with regular full-time jobs. They graciously volunteer countless hours to ODP to help ensure success to the program. Please be patient to allow them time to respond, often after hours from home. They can best answer questions specific to their pool.

Shawn Morgan, NTSSA ODP Administrator is the best contact regarding the administrative/clerical portions of the program and can be reached at 972-323-1323 Ext. 107, toll free 1-800-996-8772.

Last Updated: August 2013