2013 ODP Camp T-Shirt Design Contest

All campers participating in a 2013 ODP camp are eligible to participate in our third annual ODP camp t-shirt design contest. Regardless of which North Texas ODP camp you are attending, each camper can submit a t-shirt design. The best design from those submitted by the boys and the best design from those submitted by the girls will be named the winning designs and used as the 2013 ODP camp t-shirts. Each winner will receive a $400 credit that can be used toward camp expenses (if camp was paid in full at the time of registration, a credit will be applied to the form of payment used at the time of registration).

All campers will receive one of each t-shirt at camp. These shirts can be worn at camp and traded with players from other states at the END of camp.

The design submission deadline is 5:00 p.m., Monday, May 20, 2013. Designs must be incorporated into the
attached t-shirt template and can be delivered in person to the NTX office or e-mailed to shawn@ntxsoccer.org. Please include your name and ODP age group with your design submissions. We apologize for the short deadline, but t-shirts MUST be printed ASAP to arrive on time before the NTX ODP Sub-Regional in June.

The design rules are:

1) The design must be only on the front -- nothing on the sleeves.
2) No more than 6 colors can be used.
3) Designs may be drawn by hand or computer generated.
4) Designs should be gender neutral. Sorry, "Girls Rule and Boys Drool" won't get you $500. Make sure the design will look good on both boys and girls.
5) Designs should not be camp specific. The design needs to apply to other events as well (for example, no specific locations or dates in the design).
6) NTX will determine the shirt color from the 2 seen below to go with the winning designs. Make sure the design will work with either of these 2 colors.
7) Please use the
attached t-shirt template for entry submission.

Have fun and good luck!