2021 North Texas Soccer Presidents Cup Results

Congratulations to all on a successful 2021 Presidents Cup! Teams had a great weekend out on the field competing to represent North Texas Soccer in the Regional Presidents Cup.

Winners of the US Youth Soccer North Texas Presidents Cup will represent North Texas Soccer at the 2021 US Youth Soccer Southern Presidents Cup in Decatur, Ala. from June 9-13, 2021. Winners will then represent the South Region at the 2021 US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup, which will be held in Des Moines, Iowa from July 7-11, 2021.

Enjoy pictures here!

“The Presidents Cup gives a great opportunity for local teams to showcase their talents. Especially with the advancements of allowing the girls to travel outside of our typical regions. It offers valuable visibility for the girls to get out and see soccer on different coasts and different areas of the United States. We love the opportunity to get out here and play!” 
- Erik Kuykendall, Coach Texas Spurs 06 Girls White


Presidents Cup Results

Boys Team Place Girls Team Place
Saints 13U 1st Sting 08 Soutar 13U 1st
Aztecas Futbol 13U 2nd - -
FC Dallas ETX Premier 14U 1st Falls Town Punisher 14U 1st
Dallas Rebels 14U 2nd Texas Warriors 14U 2nd
Dallas Rebels 15U 1st Sting Roach 15U 1st
Bayern Munich FC South 15U 2nd NTX Celtic 15U 2nd
DKSC 05B Jimenez 16U 1st NTX Celtic 16U 1st
DKSC 05B Villarruel 16U 2nd FC Waco 16U 2nd
Lincoln FC DFW 2004 17U 1st Evolution 17U 1st
DKSC 04B Herrera Black 17U 2nd Victory SC 17U 2nd
DKSC 03B Hernandez 18U 1st Revolution SC 18U 1st
Sporting United 18U 2nd Legacy FC 18U 2nd



13U Boys 1st Place Champions - Saints

13U Girls 1st Place Champions - Sting 08 Soutar (not pictured)


14U Boys 1st Place Champions - FC Dallas ETX Premier


14U Girls 1st Place Champions - Falls Town Punisher


15U Boys 1st Place Champions - Dallas Rebels


15U Girls 1st Place Champions - Sting Roach


16U Boys 1st Place Champions - DKSC 05B Jimenez


16U Girls 1st Place Champions - NTX Celtic


17U Boys 1st Place Champions - Lincoln FC DFW 2004


17U Girls 1st Place Champions - Evolution


18U Boys 1st Place Champions - DKSC 03B Hernandez


18U Girls 1st Place Champions - Revolution SC