Minors International Clearance Process

Any player under the age of 18 who is not eligible for the Prior to 10 option will be required to go through the FIFA TMS process in order to obtain their international transfer clearance.

FIFA's Regulations state that international transfers of players are only permitted if the player is over the age of 18. However, there are three exceptions to the rule:

1. The player's parents move to the country in which the new club is located for reasons not linked to football.
2. The transfer takes place within the territory of the European Union.
3. The player lives outside the country, but no further than 50km from a national border. In addition, the club with which the player wishes to be registered in the neighboring association is also within 50km of that border.

U.S. Soccer can use exceptions No. 1 and No. 3, as the second exception deals only with players in Europe.  The documentation listed below is required in order to prove a minor player qualifies for this process.

Please note that these are the only exceptions that can be used to process an international transfer for a minor.  U.S. Soccer is not permitted to proceed with a clearance request for a player that does not fit one of these two categories.


To review these applications, documents are uploaded into FIFA TMS and are reviewed by FIFA, which makes the final determination on whether a First Registration clearance or ITC could be requested for a minor player.

In order to get registered under this process, the minor player (and parents) should follow these steps:

1. Collect required documentation to prove that the player meets the first of the above-given exceptions:
    Due to FIFA’s more stringent review process additional and more detailed documents are now required
    a. Player’s Passport
    b. Player’s Birth Certificate
    c. Player’s Parents’ Passports (both parents if they are in the US)
    d. Player’s Parents’ Work Visas (if available, both parents if they are in the US)
       • If player is not in the US with both parents FIFA will require a copy of the divorce/separation document pertaining to custody of the child, if there are no divorce documents then FIFA will require a written statement from the absent parent stating they are aware and give permission for the child to be living in the US
       • If player and parent(s) are residing with another individual they must provide identification for that person (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
    e. Player’s Parents’ Proof of Residence that indicates the residence start date (Lease agreement, home purchase agreement, driver’s license, etc.)
    f.  Player’s Parents’ Proof of Employment (Pay Stub and Employment Verification Letter from Employer on company letterhead)
    g. Statement from the player’s parents indicating the reasons surrounding their move to the US
    h. Statement from club (if a competitive player) indicating how they first became aware of the player as well as the date and circumstances;
if a recreational player, statement from the member association stating when player first approached member association regarding registration.
    i. Completed First Registration form 
      1. If player has been previously registered outside of U.S., use ITC Request Form (click here to download)
      2. If player has never been registered to any club, use First Registration Form 
(click here to download)

2. Forward documentation to State Association

Please send all documents in PDF files. FIFA TMS only permits the upload of PDFs and does not support any other file format. Documentation sent in any other format will not be accepted and will need to be resent in PDF format. 

For more information on what is required in these documents, please refer to the "Protection of Minors -Pertinent Facts Document" provided by FIFA. Click here to download.

Submit completed forms and required documentation via one of the following methods:

North Texas Soccer                    
Attn: International Clearance               
3803 Parkwood Blvd. #200       
Frisco, TX 75034                           

Please include player's name in the subject line

Attn: International Clearance
Please be sure to include an email address on the cover letter to send notification of the approval