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Grassroots In-Person Licenses

4v4 | 7v7 | 9v9 | 11v11 

In order to register for a course, please create your profile in U.S. Soccer’s Learning Center (USSLC) and watch the free prerequisite video, Introduction to Grassroots Courses. Pre-registration is required for all courses. Registration closes several days prior to the course; or when the course sells out, whichever occurs first. Review the course details for more information.

As a benefit to our members, North Texas Soccer defrays all expenses associated with conducting a 4v4 or 7v7 In-Person course. The only fee a registrant for either of these courses will pay is U.S. Soccer’s $25.00 surcharge. There are no discount codes available for any of these courses.

Please send an email to Christi Heady if you have any questions.

North Texas Soccer offers Grassroots courses in a new blended format in order to provide a preeminent educational experience while exercising caution during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each course includes a two-hour virtual meeting and a two-hour in-person field session. The license earned after successful completion of a course is a Grassroots In-Person License. Please read all course details thoroughly before registering for a course.



The total registration fee for a Grassroots 4v4 In-Person course is $25.00.


The total registration fee for a Grassroots 7v7 In-Person course is $25.00.


The total registration fee for a Grassroots 9v9 In-Person course is $80.00.


The total registration fee for a Grassroots 11v11 In-Person course is $100.00.