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Tournament Hosting Information

Tournament Hosting Forms

If you would like a banner promoting your tournament in The Pitch, contact Brad Grim.

Mandatory tournament sanctioning paperwork includes:

  • Completed USYSA Application to Host
  • Completed USYSA Tournament Hosting Agreement (this form must be signed by the hosting Organization President), the assignor listed under #7 must be a registered assignor;
  • $100  sanctioning fee or $250 special event sanctioning fee;
  • Letter from the Association President saying the association will be the host organization or letter from the Club President if club has registered through North Texas (not their home association) as a competitive club per new NTSSA rule 4.9;
  • Letter from the Association President where the games are being played giving permission to use the fields within that association;
  • Copy of the rules for the tournament or a letter stating the tournament will abide by NTSSA rules; 
  • Copy of insurance certificate if not a home association or registered competitive club in North Texas Soccer.

Paperwork must be turned in at least 120 (one hundred twenty) days prior to the event. There is a mandatory late fee per day if received within less than the 120 day required time period. This late fee is accrued on a daily basis. 

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1-30 Days


31-60 Days


61-90 Days


91-120 Days



In order to provide a consistent format in tournaments, North Texas Soccer tournament rules will be used for all tournaments and events. Modifications to these rules must be submitted with all other mandatory paperwork and must be approved by the North Texas Soccer Executive Committee which meets the first Tuesday of every month.

Tournaments will not be approved and will not appear on our website or in “The Pitch", if any required paperwork is missing. You will receive confirmation once your tournament has been approved.