Welcome to North Texas Soccer On-Line Coaching Education in partnership with US Youth Soccer. To begin an On-line course you will need to register with the system.

To register click the “CLICK HERE to REGISTER” button below. You will need a valid individual e-mail account. You will need to create a User Name and Password.

Please remember all three as you will need them to Log-in when your return to continue your education.

On the registration display the required fields will have this symbol “>”.

For the State Association selection, “SELECT” and “MOVE”  the entry for North Texas, “TEXAS NORTH” to the empty adjacent box.

At the end you can select e-mail topics from US Youth Soccer.

After registering you can select an On-line course to attend by clicking on the “Course Search” area and on the next display select a course from the “Available Course” area.

Two Youth Modules are available for your selection, "U6/U8 Youth Coaching Module Texas North" and/or "U10/U12 Youth Coaching Module Texas North." Other courses are available for you to attend.

You may work at your own pace. You can log-out and later log-in and pickup where you left off as many times as you need.  There is no system imposed time period to complete a module, but we do request that you try to have it completed before the FTE scheduled date or a maximum of two weeks after the course date.

Before starting the lecture part of the course, you will need to select a Field Training Event (FTE) to attend. You may reschedule into another FTE at a later date.

For Youth Modules with a fee, do not delete yourself from the course, as you will have to pay again when you try to return to the course.

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Remember you will need either your e-mail account or your User Name along with your password. After logging-in, go to “Course Search” and select the course you wish to continue.