Bylaw/Rule Change Proposals          
2014 Annual General Meeting
Proposed Bylaw/Rule Change Proposals are due into the North Texas Soccer office by 5:00 PM, April 14, 2014, in accordance with bylaw 2.10.6 (see below)

2.10.6    Who May Propose Bylaw Changes and Amendments
Any proposal to amend the Bylaws or add new Bylaws may be made only by Executive Officers of Member Associations, NTSSA Executive Officers and properly constituted committees of NTSSA. Changes submitted by a member of a properly constituted committee must pertain to the duties and scope of that committee.  Any proposed changes must be submitted to the Bylaws, Rules and Regulation Committee on the proper form ninety (90) days prior to the next meeting of this association for review and distribution to the membership within the allotted time required in Rule 2.10.5.

2014 AGM Bylaw/Rule Change Proposal Form